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Attention animals (human and non-human)! Our five-minute podcast "Talking Animals" is now available on iTunes, Stitcher and on the CBS News podcast website:

Sam Litzinger has been a broadcaster for 45 years (and counting). He's currently working at CBS News as an anchor and reporter. He hosts and produces "Sound Sessions from Smithsonian Folkways", which  is available online. He's worked on a series of radio shows on the history of journalism.

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Sam sometimes fills in for Charles Osgood on "The Osgood File" (

Sam also anchored and produced the weekly hour-long program "Politics: From the Nation's Capital", heard on Sirius-XM.  Sam also hosted and produced "From the Nation's Capital", a show featuring some of the most interesting places and people in Washington, DC (click here to listen to some "Best of" podcasts; click here to listen to an online stream).

Sam has also taught philosophy, worked as a grocery clerk, as a food server in a college cafeteria and as a caretaker at a small cemetery. His wife, his Afghan rescue cat Nimruz and his Egyptian rescue cat Khufu are all smarter and more interesting than he is. Sam wishes someone would pay him to read books.

Nimruz and Sam

Our new feline friend, Khufu

Frank Buckles at age 16 in 1917
(Click here to see The Library of Congress Veterans History Project profile)

AUDIO: One of Sam's favorite interviews: a chat with Frank Buckles,
the last known surviving American veteran of World War I