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Given the current trend in journalism, all information will soon be coming from a 38-year-old-way-over-caffeinated guy named Karl who lives in his parents' basement and updates his blog every six minutes, 24 hours a day.

  Sluggo - or Karl? 

This does not bode well for a public that's well informed about what's going on in the world. It means we're going to have become news hunter/gatherers, looking around for things worth knowing about. Happily, there's a lot out there, so I thought I'd put up some links to interesting items I come across. I'll update them from time to time but, unlike Karl, I have a life (albeit a small one), so they won't be updated every six minutes (that could change when journalism implodes completely and I end up with lots and lots of time on my hands!).

Meantime, please buy a newspaper once in a while. Watch some TV news. Listen to radio newscasts. And if anyone has a business model that could actually work for a media entity, please contact me right away.

The Economist

The Economist somehow manages to present news without making you feel as if you were given a reading assignment by your high school civics teacher. It does a particularly fine job with international and cultural information and has the added merit of not taking itself too seriously. Check out the following Economist articles when you have a few minutes.

A piece on the history of "The L-word"

How people in various countries see evolution


The Harper's Index is either fun or depressing to read, depending on the editors' moods. But is it worth reading.

The London Review of Books

Excellent reviews of books, many of which you won't have time to read, so thank goodness someone else has done that and is telling you the main points! Example:
"I found my mind in a brown paper bag within" (Bless Kenny Rogers and the First Edition!)

The LRB also features some of the best personal ads ever, including:

"If you don’t believe an evening in my company will be entertaining enough, just come and spend fifteen minutes with me and my personal wizard. Gaze in amazement as the archimage alters your perception of reality and awakens you to world of many colours and sensations. Gurgle in delight as his top hat becomes a haven for the creatures of the secret forest. Bark in disgust as his linking rings become entangled in his hidden trouser compartment. M, 54, Tamworth. No time wasters."


A magazine devoted to movie and TV oddities. It helped ruin me when I was growing up and I'm very grateful.

Edward D. Wood, Jr. LIVES!